World's Largest Laptop Computer for AOL Time Warner

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We built the World's Largest Working Laptop Computer for AOL's IN2TV

Our initial concept

We engineered and built this amazing project in 45 days!


Click here to see the video commercial!

Click here to read the magazine article!

AOL Video starring Modern Family's Ed O'Neill Article in Business Magazine "Inc"

Here's how we built it.....

Initial Concept AOL wanted to use it outdoors (Canopy) Rear Room Enclosure for Equipment Construction starts with Aluminum Frame

Framework is then skinned

Discussing the details

Initial Testing on the massive 16' Screen

Testing Electronics

Shown with canopy for outdoors The large keys were hand made Laying out the keypad Setting up in New York

Agency on record for this project: yours! Ltd., Brand Development,  Contact: Joshua Simons


Looking to do something different? Call us. We built the world's largest working laptop computer to help launch AOL/Warner Bros new IN2TV internet television stations. Let us assist you in creating something spectacular. If you would like to hear more, please give us a call toll-free in the USA at (888) 989-1370 or International at (909) 599-1370.

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